600 ml Teapot
heat-resistant glass
high quality, with bulb,
Collection of plantation tea from Kenya, India, China and Sri Lanka. Package is decorated by landscapes of countries, where it was grown. Taste the spirit of tea adventures, fragrance of travels, exotic and unforgettable world of tea in all its colors.
Bai Mu Dan (White Peony)
This grade of white tea comes from Fujian province, it produ..
price for 50 gr.
225 р.
White wing Baikal
Black Ceylon tea from the Kandy region with sparse grass Sag..
price for 50 gr.
300 р.
Мountain thyme
Thyme since ancient times worshiped as grass, the ability to..
price for 50 gr.
150 р.
Filter bags for infusion S
Filter-packages "FilterOk" for brewing tea in a cup or small..
price for 1 pcs.
200 р.
ginger apple
Fruit Mix. Ginger strengthens the immune system and prevents..
price for 50 gr.
165 р.

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